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Novak Mod 0.6 Aluminum Pinion Gear Set: 14T/15T/16T 5201


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Novak Mod 0.6 Aluminum Pinion Gear Set: 14T/15T/16T 5201
This is a Novak Mod 0.6 Aluminum Pinion Gear Set. This package includes three gears: 14T, 15T and 16T. These gears fit seamlessly with Novak’s Three-80 Micro Pro Brushless Motor, which is included in the Mongoose Brushless Systems. These hard-to-find, nonstandard gears can be used with any vehicle that utilizes a Mod 0.6 spur gear and a motor with a standard 1/8″ motor shaft, such as the Berg V3 Tracer and Duratrax Vendetta series. 

There are exceptions when determining the best gears for specific motors and track conditions, but these gear sets allow drivers the ability to experiment with gear ratios in the search to find the optimal setup.. 


Specifically developed for use with the Novak Mongoose Micro Brushless Systems, for installation in vehicles utilizing a metric spur gear.High-strength aluminum constructionPrecision machiningAllows driver to experiment with gear ratiosSpecifications: 

Inside (shaft) Diameter: 1/8″ 

Pitch: Mod 0.6 

NOV52- Includes: 

14T/15T/16T Pinion Gears

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